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Success Stories

They say every picture tells a story. And every story helps bring to life the impact philanthropy has on individuals, families and communities (including that community's animals and its environment).

At Vancouver Foundation we collect stories that will hopefully inspire you to want to give back to your community.

Our stories are told from the point of view of those who give and hold funds with us, as well as from the perspective of those who receive support through Vancouver Foundation grants.

Fundholder Stories

These stories illustrate just a few of the innovative and innumerable ways donors are making a difference through Vancouver Foundation.

Community Stories

At Vancouver Foundation we are fortunate to experience, on a daily basis, caring people working together to build stronger communities. Seeing our grants in action is what inspires us, and we hope these stories inspire you.

At the end of the rainbow

Retirement is looking a little brighter for LGBT seniors in need. [More]

Threads of Time

One donor ensures his future will help uncover the past. [More]

A cup of generosity

Coffee launches a movement and rebuilds a neighbourhood. [More]

The power of endowment

Harry Jerome was a Canadian track and field athlete ... and world-class sprinter. His fund is still supporting BC's best and fastest. [More]

Walking in two worlds

Paul Lacerte brings the wisdom and perspective of Aboriginal Peoples to Vancouver Foundation's Board. [More]

Finish the Mission

Trevor and Debbie Greene have set up a fund to pay for scholarships for women in conflict zones to become teachers. [More]

Are we connected and engaged?

Highlights from our survey of metro Vancouver residents [More]

Connecting the pieces

Sometimes you can go on a journey of discovery, only to find that what you were seeking was something you left behind [More]

Life Lessons

What do you do after teaching 10,000 students? Well, if you’re June Wilson, you help even more kids learn. [More]

Full Steam Ahead

The Royal Hudson finds a new home in Squamish where it serves as a regal reminder of Canada's railway heritage [More]

Spreading the seeds of change

Judy Kenzie set out to spread the word about the benefits of growing your own food in small spaces ... [More]

Putting down roots

For a group of Jarai youth in Vancouver, gardening is much more than just getting your hands dirty. [More]

Henderson School Garden

Raising spirits [More]

Muffin U.

Coco Cafe builds community [More]

the power of pie

Nine women from nine countries make lunch and a community. [More]

Grand Parenting

A growing community of second-time-around parents seeks support in raising another generation.  [More]

Gather Round

Julien Thomas and the neighbours at 10th and St. George have created Vancouver's smallest park. [More]

Fresh Voices

Speaking up, speaking out. [More]

We're in this together

Solutions for building a connected community. [More]

This is not a granola bar

This is a ticket to a high-school diploma, a good job and a future [More]

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Success Stories